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Tenaja, LaCresta, DeLuz
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Every street around the Plateau is a unique adventure in nature's beauty...

Much of the nature preserve was once an active ranch, the reminders of which 
have beauty of their own. This scene is from the preserve, just east of Tenaja.

The majestic Redonda Mesa, 
as seen from a point on Tenaja's Via Volcano

Looking toward hills of the La Cresta & Santa Rosa West vicinity 
from a point along Tenaja Road in the Sylvan Meadows area 

A Tenaja Sunset... 
A spectacle in the evening sky above Squaw Mountain 

Even the streets can be enchanting..
This scene captures hints of the early morning mist along De Luz Road.

Looking down on a grove in the De Luz area 
from a point high on Eagle Nest Road

Another delightful view, this one from a lofty parcel near Calle Bandido
in the LaCresta Highlands vicinity

In this picture, fog rolls in among the homes 
in the lush hills south of the nature preserve

This "postcard perfect" scene is the point where Calle Bandido becomes
 a woodsy trail from La Cresta Highlands to Tenaja

Looking down on Avocado Mesa Road and across vast areas of De Luz
from high on the Redonda Mesa

The "best kept secret" in the 17 Mile area may be that 
there's a road (rather steep) running directly between the areas of 
the De Luz Groves and  Tenaja. 
This photo was taken on the way up Los Gatos Road, approaching Tenaja.

Tenaja, LaCresta and DeLuz... the 17Mile.com area... 

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